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IPAF Demonstrator

This training course caters individuals aiming to demonstrate their expertise in operating and ensuring the safety of a MEWP to a certified operator. It covers the same machine categories as the operator training program and fulfills the industry’s high-demand prerequisites.
    Who Should Attend:
  • Individuals possessing a valid PAL card with relevant Categories (3a & 3b)
    Course Content:
  • Understanding different types of MEWPs – Theoretical & Demonstrative Techniques
  • Safe operation and limitations of MEWPs – Theoretical, Practical & Demonstrative Techniques
  • Pre-use inspections, checks, and function tests – Theoretical, Practical & Demonstrative Techniques
  • Defect reporting & handover procedures – Theoretical & Demonstrative Techniques
Requirements: Applicants must have completed basic operational training in theory and practical aspects through an IPAF Operator course. While literacy is preferred, it is not mandatory for applicants.
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