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IPAF Operator 3b

The Mobile Boom 3b Self-propelled boom operator course offers a comprehensive 1-day training program designed to instruct operators in the safe and proficient use of the machines. The training covers theoretical and practical parts, equipping operators with the essential skills to operate and position MEWPs, securely and effectively. It caters to operators of diverse MEWP types, including boom lifts, trailer-mounted, and truck-mounted platforms.
  • Understanding & setting up various MEWP types
  • Safe operation and limitations of MEWPs
  • Pre-use inspections, checks, and function tests
  • Planning routes and navigating MEWPs
  • Basic operational procedures
  • Assessment of skills
  • Selection and utilization of fall arrest equipment
  • Awareness of Health & Safety regulations for accident prevention and control
  • Understanding the necessity and use of personal protective equipment
  • Safe maneuvering and driving of the machine to perform tasks correctly and safely
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