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The Hitachi SCX700E 70-ton crawler crane is a heavy-duty construction machine designed for lifting and hoisting heavy loads on construction sites. The Hitachi SCX700E 70-ton crawler crane is a powerhouse of construction machinery, engineered to tackle the most demanding lifting and hoisting tasks on construction sites around the world. With its robust design and impressive capabilities, this crane has been a trusted workhorse in the industry.

    EQUIP ID: T13448
    MODEL: SCX700E
    YEAR: 2015
    HOURS: 6340

    The HITACHI SCX700E boasts a formidable lifting capacity of 70 tons, making it suitable for handling a wide range of heavy loads and materials. Equipped with a versatile telescopic boom, this crane can extend to varying lengths, allowing it to reach different heights and distances with precision. Mounted on crawler tracks, the HITACHI SCX700E ensures exceptional stability and mobility, even on rugged and uneven terrains commonly encountered in construction projects. The operator’s cab is designed for comfort during long hours of operation and provides advanced controls for precise and safe crane maneuvering. To maintain stability during lifting operations, the crane can be equipped with customizable counterweights that can be adjusted as needed for specific tasks. While it’s a heavyweight performer on the job, the HITACHI SCX700E can be disassembled for ease of transportation to different work sites, maximizing its utility. Safety is paramount in crane operation. The HITACHI SCX700E is equipped with modern safety features, including load monitoring systems, anti-tip mechanisms, and safety interlocks to protect both the operator and the worksite. Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty construction, Hitachi’s commitment to quality ensures that the HITACHI SCX700E is a reliable and long-lasting asset for any construction company.