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Introducing the CATERPILLAR 140 motor grader, available for rental or hire, providing exceptional grading and leveling capabilities for your construction and road maintenance projects. With an operating weight of 21 tons, this motor grader is designed for stability and efficiency in various terrains. The 3.7-meter mold board width ensures precise and smooth grading, delivering superior results on the job site. Equipped with rippers attachment, it offers added versatility for loosening compacted soil and handling challenging surfaces. Trust in CATERPILLAR’s renowned reliability and advanced technology to deliver optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Experience the strength and efficiency of the CATERPILLAR 140 motor grader for your rental or hire requirements, ensuring exceptional results and enhanced productivity in your grading operations.

  • 21 TONS

  • 3.7 m


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The Caterpillar 140 is a robust and versatile bulldozer, weighing 21 tons and equipped with a 3.7-meter moldboard. With its added ripper attachment, this machine offers exceptional capabilities for a wide range of earthmoving tasks, making it an ideal choice for medium to large-scale projects.

Designed for power and productivity, the Caterpillar 140 features a high-performance engine that delivers reliable pushing power and efficiency. Its sturdy construction and impressive weight provide stability and traction, enabling the bulldozer to handle demanding terrain with ease.

The 3.7-meter moldboard of the Caterpillar 140 enhances grading and leveling operations, ensuring precise and accurate results. Whether it’s shaping slopes, smoothing surfaces, or creating foundations, the moldboard delivers optimal performance and productivity.

The ripper attachment further expands the machine’s versatility. It allows the Caterpillar 140 to break up hard surfaces, penetrate compacted soil, and remove obstacles effectively. The ripper attachment enhances the machine’s capability to handle challenging ground conditions, making it a valuable asset in various earthmoving applications.

Overall, the Caterpillar 140 bulldozer, with its 21-ton weight, 3.7-meter moldboard, and ripper attachment, is a powerful and versatile machine that excels in medium to large-scale earthmoving projects. It combines robustness, precision, and versatility to deliver efficient and productive performance, making it an indispensable tool on construction sites, mining operations, and other earthmoving applications.

Weight19.2 t
Transport length10.1 m
Transport width2.48 m
Transport height3.35 m
Mouldboard width3.7 m
Engine manuf.Caterpillar
Engine typeC9.3 Acert
Engine power186 kW
Displacement9.3 l
Revolutions at max torque1000 rpm
Max. torque1121 Nm
No. of cylinders6
Cylinder bore x stroke112x149 mm