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Introducing the Caterpillar 216B3 Skid Steer – a true marvel of engineering tailored to excel in versatile tasks and challenging environments. With its dynamic capabilities and cutting-edge design, this skid steer redefines productivity and reliability. Boasting a robust operating capacity of [specific operating capacity], the Caterpillar 216B3 Skid Steer effortlessly handles an array of demanding tasks, from heavy lifting to precision grading. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures smooth and efficient operation, enhancing your overall workflow.

  • 2.84 TONS

  • 2.84 TONS


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The Skid Steer 216B3 Power and Precision for Versatile Performance. The Skid Steer 216B3 is a dynamic and versatile compact construction machine designed to excel in a multitude of tasks across various industries. Engineered with precision and power in mind, this skid steer offers a remarkable combination of agility, strength, and efficiency.

With its robust design and cutting-edge features, the Skid Steer 216B3 is engineered to tackle a wide spectrum of tasks with ease. From landscaping and excavation to material handling and site maintenance, this skid steer is a reliable partner in diverse job environments.

Equipped with a powerful engine, the Skid Steer 216B3 ensures exceptional performance in every operation. Its agile maneuverability allows it to navigate tight spaces and confined areas effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor tasks. The skid steer’s hydraulic system empowers rapid attachment changes, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime between tasks.

The operator’s experience is at the forefront of the Skid Steer 216B3’s design. The ergonomically crafted cabin provides a comfortable and intuitive workspace that minimizes operator fatigue during extended work sessions. The intuitive controls and adjustable seating enable operators to customize their setup for optimal comfort and control, resulting in enhanced efficiency and precision.

Gross Power38 KW
Displacement2.2 l
Stroke100 mm
Bore84 mm
Operating Weight2581 KG
Tipping Load1270 KG
Travel Speed F/R12.7 Km/h