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Introducing the CATERPILLAR 302.4D mini excavator, available for hire, providing exceptional versatility and efficiency for your construction and excavation needs. With a compact design and a 3-ton capacity, this mini excavator is perfect for navigating tight spaces and performing precise digging operations. The 0.41-meter cube bucket capacity ensures efficient material handling and excavation tasks. Trust in CATERPILLAR’s renowned reliability and advanced technology to deliver optimal performance and productivity. Experience the power and agility of the CATERPILLAR 302.4D mini excavator for your rental requirements.

  • 3 TONS

  • Mini

  • 0.41m³


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The Caterpillar 302.4D mini excavator is a powerful and versatile machine designed for efficient excavation tasks. With an operating weight of 3 tons, this compact excavator offers excellent stability and maneuverability, making it ideal for various construction and landscaping projects.

Equipped with a reliable and fuel-efficient engine, the 302.4D delivers impressive digging performance while minimizing operating costs. The excavator’s compact size allows it to access tight spaces, making it suitable for working in urban areas or confined job sites where larger machinery cannot easily operate.

The bucket capacity of the 302.4D is 0.41 cubic meters, providing ample capacity for efficient material handling and excavation tasks. Whether you need to dig trenches, remove debris, or perform other earthmoving operations, this mini excavator offers the strength and versatility to get the job done.

The 302.4D features intuitive and user-friendly controls, allowing operators to easily maneuver the machine with precision and accuracy. The comfortable and spacious cabin provides a productive working environment, enhancing operator comfort and reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.

Additionally, this Caterpillar mini excavator comes with various features to enhance productivity and convenience. These may include auxiliary hydraulic lines for attachments, quick couplers for swift bucket changes, and a range of optional attachments to expand its capabilities, such as hydraulic hammers or augers.

In summary, the Caterpillar 302.4D mini excavator is a reliable and efficient machine that combines compact size with impressive performance. With its 3-ton operating weight, 0.41 cubic meter bucket capacity, and versatile features, it is a valuable asset for a wide range of excavation and construction projects.

Weight2.32 t
Transport width1.4 m
Track width250 mm
Max. Reach horizontal 4,02 m
Tear-out force21.8 kN
No. of cylinders3
Transport length 4.03 m
Transport height 2.39 m
Dredging depth 2,4 m
Engine power 13.2 kW
Revolutions at max torque 2200 rpm
Displacement 1.116 l
  • Jack hammer