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Introducing the CATERPILLAR 304 mini excavator, available for rental or hire, providing exceptional versatility and efficiency for your construction and excavation needs. With a compact design and a 5-ton capacity, this mini excavator is perfect for navigating tight spaces and performing precise digging operations. The 0.50-meter cube bucket capacity ensures efficient material handling and excavation tasks. Trust in CATERPILLAR’s renowned reliability and advanced technology to deliver optimal performance and productivity. Experience the power and agility of the CATERPILLAR 304 mini excavator for your rental or hire requirements.

  • 5 TONS

  • Mini

  • 0.50m³


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The Caterpillar 304 mini excavator is a robust machine designed to handle demanding excavation tasks with ease. With an operating weight of 5 tons, this excavator offers exceptional stability and durability, ensuring reliable performance in various job sites.

Equipped with a spacious and comfortable operator cabin, the 304 mini excavator provides a productive working environment. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design make it easy for operators to maneuver the machine with precision and efficiency.

Featuring a bucket capacity of 0.50 cubic meters, this excavator delivers excellent digging and material handling capabilities. Whether you’re digging trenches, loading trucks, or performing other earthmoving tasks, the 304 mini excavator offers ample capacity to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

The Caterpillar 304 mini excavator combines power, reliability, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for construction, landscaping, and utility projects. With its exceptional performance and durability, it is well-suited for demanding applications that require a compact yet powerful excavator.

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