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The CATERPILLAR 950 Wheel Loaders are robust and powerful machines, perfect for rental or hire purposes. With an operating weight of 18 tons, these loaders are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. The impressive 2.9 cubic meter bucket capacity ensures efficient and quick material loading and transport. Whether it’s construction, mining, or industrial projects, the CATERPILLAR 950 Wheel Loaders offer exceptional performance and versatility. Their advanced features and durable build guarantee reliable operation, making them the ideal choice for tackling large-scale projects with efficiency and productivity.

  • 18 TONS

  • 2.9 M3


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The CATERPILLAR 950 wheel loaders are heavy-duty machines designed for efficient material handling and loading operations. With an impressive operating weight of 18 tons, these loaders offer stability and durability in demanding work environments.

Equipped with a generous 2.9 cubic meters bucket capacity, the 950 wheel loaders excel in handling large volumes of material with ease. Whether it’s loose aggregates, gravel, or other materials, these loaders can efficiently load and transport them for various construction and mining applications.

The 950 wheel loaders from CATERPILLAR are engineered for optimal performance and productivity. They feature advanced hydraulic systems that deliver precise control and efficient power distribution, allowing for smooth and responsive operation. The intuitive controls and ergonomic cabin design ensure operator comfort and ease of use.

Built to withstand heavy-duty applications, these loaders are known for their durability and reliability. CATERPILLAR’s robust construction and quality components ensure longevity, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

In summary, the CATERPILLAR 950 wheel loaders with their 18-ton operating weight and 2.9 cubic meters bucket capacity are powerful and reliable machines for material handling and loading tasks. They combine impressive capacity, advanced features, and rugged construction to deliver efficient performance and enhanced productivity on construction sites, mining operations, and other demanding environments.

Weight19.26 t
Standard tyres23.5 R25
Bucket width2.994 m
Bucket capacity3.4 m³
Bucket capacity min.3.4 m³
Steering modeKL
Transport length6.91 m
Transport width2.82 m
Transport height3.45 m
Travel speed39.5 km/h
Max. discharge height2.79 m
Turning radius outside6.44 m
Engine manuf.Caterpillar
Engine typeC7.1 Acert
Engine power186 kW
Displacement7.01 l
Revolutions at max torque2100 rpm
Max. torque1231/1300 Nm