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Introducing the CATERPILLAR D7 dozer, available for rental or hire, offering robust power and versatility for your earthmoving and construction needs. With a powerful 260 hp engine capacity, this dozer is engineered to handle tough terrain and heavy loads with ease. The operating capacity of 30 tons ensures efficient performance in various applications. The 6.89-meter cube blade capacity enables efficient material pushing and leveling, increasing productivity on the job site. Trust in CATERPILLAR’s renowned reliability and cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Experience the strength and efficiency of the CATERPILLAR D7 dozer for your rental or hire requirements, ensuring exceptional results and productivity on your projects.

  • 30 TONS

  • 260 hp

  • 6.86 m³


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The Caterpillar D7 is a formidable and heavy-duty bulldozer, boasting a powerful 260 horsepower engine and weighing in at 30 tons. This robust machine is designed to excel in challenging earthmoving projects, providing exceptional pushing power and versatility.

Equipped with a Caterpillar C9.3B engine, the D7 delivers impressive horsepower and torque, enabling it to handle demanding tasks with ease. Its advanced engine technology ensures optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, while providing the necessary power to tackle tough terrain and heavy loads.

With its substantial weight of 30 tons, the D7 offers exceptional stability and traction. This allows the bulldozer to operate effectively in diverse environments, including construction sites, mining operations, and land development projects. Its sturdy build and heavy-duty undercarriage components ensure reliable performance and extended service life.

The D7 features an advanced transmission system that optimizes gear selection for smooth operation and maximum productivity. Its intelligent design, including the Caterpillar Auto Shift technology, allows the machine to automatically adjust gears based on load and working conditions, optimizing efficiency and reducing operator fatigue.

Inside the spacious and comfortable operator’s cabin, the D7 provides excellent visibility and ergonomic controls. The operator benefits from a clear line of sight, allowing for precise maneuvering and improved safety. The cabin is designed to minimize operator fatigue during long hours of operation, ensuring high productivity and comfort.

The versatility of the D7 is enhanced by its customizable blade options. With a variety of blade types available, such as straight, universal, and semi-universal blades, the bulldozer can be tailored to specific job requirements. This flexibility enables efficient grading, leveling, and material handling, making the D7 a reliable choice for a wide range of earthmoving tasks.

In summary, the Caterpillar D7 is a powerhouse bulldozer with a formidable 260 horsepower engine and a weight of 30 tons. Its robust construction, impressive pushing power, and advanced features make it a reliable and versatile choice for demanding earthmoving projects. Whether it’s construction, mining, or land development, the D7 delivers exceptional performance, operator comfort, and productivity.

Weight27.1 t
Transport width3.4 m
Blade typeS
Travel speed10.54 km/h
Front blade width4.54 m
Engine manuf.Caterpillar
Engine power230 kW
Emission levelEU V
Transport length4.74 m
Transport height3.37 m
Track width914 mm
Reverse travel speed13.58 km/h
Transmission typeLS
Engine typeC9.3B Acert
Displacement9.3 l