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Presenting the Caterpillar DP 30 Forklift, a powerhouse of efficiency and reliability designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with ease. With an impressive 3-ton capacity, this forklift is equipped to tackle a wide range of material handling needs. Its robust build ensures durability and long-lasting performance, while the ergonomic design enhances operator comfort and productivity. Whether you need to move heavy loads in warehouses, construction sites, or industrial facilities, the Caterpillar DP 30 Forklift is the perfect solution. Available for rental and hire, it offers a cost-effective and practical lifting solution to meet your specific hire / rental requirements.

  • 3 TONS


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The Caterpillar DP 30 is a robust and versatile forklift designed for heavy-duty material handling operations. With a lifting capacity of 3 tons, it is well-suited for a wide range of applications, from warehouses and distribution centers to construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

Featuring a durable construction and advanced engineering, the Caterpillar DP 30 offers exceptional performance and reliability. Its powerful engine ensures efficient operation, allowing for smooth and precise lifting and lowering of loads. The forklift is equipped with a mast that provides excellent visibility, enabling operators to maneuver in tight spaces with ease and confidence.

The DP 30 is designed for enhanced operator comfort and safety. The ergonomically designed cabin offers a spacious and comfortable environment, reducing operator fatigue during long shifts. The intuitive controls and adjustable seating position allow operators to maintain optimal control and productivity. Additionally, the forklift is equipped with safety features such as a high-visibility overhead guard, rearview mirrors, and lights, ensuring a safe working environment.

Maintenance and serviceability are key considerations in the design of the Caterpillar DP 30. The forklift is engineered for easy access to key components, simplifying routine inspections and maintenance tasks. This design feature helps to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Overall, the Caterpillar DP 30 forklift with a 3-ton capacity is a reliable and efficient solution for various material handling needs. Its combination of power, durability, and operator-focused features makes it a valuable asset in industries that require heavy lifting capabilities.

Nominal load at COG3 t
Standard tyres2x/2SE
Centre of gravity500 mm
Transmission typeW
Weight4.48 t
Engine manuf.Mitsubishi
Engine typeS4S
Engine power44 kW