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The JLG 450AJ Diesel Articualted Boom Lifts are versatile and efficient machines, perfect for rental or hire purposes. With a working height of 16 meters, these boom lifts provide excellent reach and access to elevated areas. The platform capacity ranges from 230 to 249 kg, ensuring safe and productive lifting for operators and materials. Whether it’s construction, maintenance, or installation tasks, the JLG 450AJ offers reliable performance and maneuverability. Its diesel-powered engine allows for outdoor use and extended operation time. When you need a reliable and high-capacity articulated boom lift, the JLG 450AJ is the ideal choice for completing projects with ease and precision.

  • 16 MTRS

  • 230 – 249 KG

  • Boom Lifts

  • Articulated

  • Diesel


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The JLG 450AJ diesel boom lift is a highly maneuverable and efficient aerial work platform designed for various construction, maintenance, and industrial applications. As an articulated boom lift, it offers excellent flexibility and reach, making it ideal for accessing challenging areas with ease.

With a working height of 16 meters, the JLG 450AJ provides impressive vertical reach. It allows operators to work efficiently at elevated heights, making it suitable for tasks such as building maintenance, signage installation, and other aerial applications.

Equipped with a platform capacity ranging from 230 to 249 kilograms, the boom lift accommodates operators and their tools or equipment. This ensures safe and productive operations, allowing workers to perform tasks at height with confidence.

The JLG 450AJ diesel boom lift is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. It features user-friendly controls, a spacious platform, and advanced safety features to ensure a secure working environment. Its robust construction and reliable performance contribute to its overall durability and longevity.

In summary, the JLG 450AJ diesel boom lift with its articulated design, 16-meter working height, and platform capacity ranging from 230 to 249 kilograms is a versatile and efficient aerial work platform. It offers exceptional reach, flexibility, and operator safety, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of construction, maintenance, and industrial applications.

Working height15.72 m
Platform length0.76 m
Platform width1.83 m
Transport length6.71 m
Transport width2.34 m
Transport height2.29 m
Weight6250 kg
Net load250 kg
Max. Reach horizontal7.47 m
max. climbing ability45 %
Travel speed7.2 km/h
Turning radius outside5 m
Engine manuf.Deutz
Engine typeD2011 L04
Engine power48 kW