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Introducing the Platform Basket Spider 15.75 Articulated Spider Lift, the ultimate solution for elevated tasks requiring flexibility and reach. With an impressive 15-meter working height and an outstanding 7.4-meter side outreach, this lift provides unmatched access to challenging areas. Its articulated design allows for precise positioning, even in confined spaces. Perfect for a wide range of projects, from construction and maintenance to building care and event setups. Available for rental and hire, the Platform Basket Spider 15.75 guarantees efficiency, safety, and versatility for all your elevated job needs.

  • 15 MTRS

  • 7.4 MTRS

  • Spider Lifts

  • Articulated

  • Hybrid, Diesel, Electric


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The Platform Basket Spider 15.75 is an articulated spider lift designed to provide efficient and flexible elevated working solutions. With a working height of 15 meters and a side reach of 7.4 meters, this spider lift offers impressive access to challenging areas.

The Spider 15.75 features an articulated design that enables it to maneuver through tight spaces and navigate around obstacles. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, where accessibility is limited.

Equipped with a spacious platform basket, operators can comfortably perform tasks at height. The basket provides ample room for workers and their equipment, ensuring productivity and safety during operation. The Spider 15.75’s impressive side reach allows operators to access areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach using conventional lifts or scaffolding.

This spider lift incorporates advanced safety features, including stabilizing outriggers, non-marking tracks, and automatic safety systems. These features enhance stability and prevent accidents, even on uneven or challenging terrains. The Spider 15.75 is designed to provide a secure and reliable working environment for operators.

With its articulated design, the Spider 15.75 offers versatility in various industries, such as construction, maintenance, landscaping, and facility management. It allows operators to efficiently navigate around obstacles and reach elevated work areas with ease. The Spider 15.75 is a reliable and practical choice for tasks that require access to challenging heights and positions.

In summary, the Platform Basket Spider 15.75 is an articulated spider lift with a 15-meter working height and a 7.4-meter side reach. It provides impressive maneuverability, a compact design, and advanced safety features. This spider lift offers a reliable solution for accessing difficult areas and performing tasks at height efficiently.