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Introducing the Platform Basket Spider 30T Telescopic Spider Lift, the ultimate solution for elevated tasks requiring flexibility and reach. With an impressive 30-meter working height and an outstanding 13.60-meter side outreach, this lift provides unmatched access to challenging areas. Its telescopic design allows for precise positioning, even in confined spaces. Perfect for a wide range of projects, from construction and maintenance to building care and event setups. Available for rental and hire, the Platform Basket Spider 30T guarantees efficiency, safety, and versatility for all your elevated job needs.

  • 30 MTRS

  • 13.60 MTRS

  • Spider Lifts

  • Telescopic

  • Hybrid, Diesel, Electric


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The Platform Basket Spider 30T is a telescopic spider lift designed for versatile access to elevated areas. With a working height of 30 meters and a side outreach of 13.60 meters, it provides excellent reach for a variety of tasks. This telescopic type lift offers flexibility and precision, making it suitable for various applications.

The Spider 30T combines height and reach to navigate obstacles and challenging terrains with ease. Its telescopic design allows for smooth extension and retraction, providing precise positioning and access to confined or difficult-to-reach areas.

Equipped with advanced safety features, the Platform Basket Spider 30T ensures operator confidence and productivity. The spacious basket offers a secure working platform, while intuitive controls and ergonomic design contribute to operator comfort and reduce fatigue during extended periods of use.

Maintenance and serviceability are key considerations in the design of the Spider 30T. The lift is engineered for easy access to critical components, simplifying routine inspections and maintenance tasks. This design feature helps minimize downtime and maximize uptime, ensuring efficient operation.

In summary, the Platform Basket Spider 30T spider lift offers a working height of 30 meters and a side outreach of 13.60 meters, making it a versatile solution for elevated applications. Its telescopic design, advanced safety features, and operator-friendly elements make it a reliable choice for a range of tasks, including construction, maintenance, and utility work.

Working height30.3 m
Platform length0.8 m
Platform width1.8 m
Brace support length4.53 m
Brace support width4.72 m
Transport length6.52 m
Transport width0.89 m
Transport height1.96 m
Weight4250 kg
Max. Reach horizontal14.2 m
Net load230 kg
Travel speed2 km/h
Track width1290 mm
max. climbing ability31 %
Proportional controle
Power sourceD
Rotation360 °