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Introducing the AIRMAN PDS185S standard air compressor, available for rental or hire, delivering reliable and efficient compressed air power. With a substantial 185 CFM capacity and a working pressure of 7 bar, this compressor is ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you require compressed air for construction projects, industrial operations, or pneumatic tools, the PDS185S ensures consistent performance and versatility. Trust in AIRMAN’s renowned quality and durability to meet your temporary compressed air needs with ease. Experience the power and reliability of the PDS185S for your rental or hire requirements.

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  • 7 BAR


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The Airman PDS185S is a standard air compressor designed to provide reliable and efficient compressed air for various applications. With a maximum capacity of 185 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a pressure rating of 7 bar, this compressor is well-suited for a wide range of construction, industrial, and maintenance tasks.

The PDS185S is built to deliver consistent performance and durability. It is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient engine that ensures optimal operation and extended working hours. The compressor is designed to withstand tough working conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

With its compact and portable design, the PDS185S offers excellent mobility, allowing for easy transportation between job sites. It features sturdy wheels and a handle, making it convenient to move around and position wherever compressed air is needed.

The compressor is equipped with user-friendly controls that are easy to operate and adjust. It incorporates a clear and intuitive control panel that provides essential information such as pressure readings and maintenance reminders. This enables operators to monitor the compressor’s performance and make necessary adjustments effortlessly.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of the PDS185S. It is equipped with safety features such as automatic shutdown systems for overpressure and engine overheating, ensuring the protection of both the equipment and the operator.

Maintenance is made straightforward with the PDS185S. It features easily accessible service points and components, simplifying routine checks and servicing tasks. Regular maintenance contributes to the compressor’s longevity and ensures consistent performance over time.

Overall, the Airman PDS185S standard air compressor is a reliable and efficient solution for generating compressed air in a variety of applications. With its robust construction, mobility, and user-friendly controls, it provides a dependable source of compressed air for construction sites, industrial facilities, and maintenance operations.

Type Rotary Twin Screw, Single-Stage, Oil-cooledFree air delivery (m3/min) 5.2
Rated operating pressure(MPa)[kgf/cm2][psi] 0.69[7.0][100]
Compressor oil capacity (L)15
Air outlet valve3/4"×2
Type Direct-Injection Rated output (kW/min-1)[PS/rpm]36.9/3000[49.5/3000]
Engine oil capacity(L) 7.4
Fuel tank capacity(L) 90
L×W×H (mm)2960×1650×1510
Dry (Operating) weight (kg)860(960)
Tire Size 175/80R13 97/95N×2W
Sound power level in decibels(dB) 98
Sound pressure level(dB[A]) 72
Designated emissions regulation US Tier 3
  • Air dryers

  • After Coolers

  • Hoes

  • JackHammers

  • Sand Blasting