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Introducing the ATLAS COPCO XATS800CD7 standard air compressor, available for rental or hire, providing robust and efficient compressed air solutions. With an impressive 774 CFM capacity and a working pressure of 10.3 bar, this compressor is ideal for various applications. Whether you require reliable compressed air for construction sites, mining operations, or manufacturing facilities, the XATS800CD7 ensures consistent performance and versatility. Count on ATLAS COPCO’s renowned reliability and innovation to meet your temporary compressed air needs effortlessly. Experience the power and efficiency of the XATS800CD7 for your rental or hire requirements.

  • 774

  • 10.3 BAR


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The Atlas Copco XATS800CD7 is a powerful standard air compressor designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. With an impressive capacity of 774 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a pressure rating of 10.3 bar, it delivers a reliable and high-volume supply of compressed air.

Built to withstand demanding conditions, the XATS800CD7 features a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity. It is engineered for continuous performance, providing reliable operation even in challenging environments.

Equipped with advanced technology, the compressor offers excellent energy efficiency and fuel economy. It optimizes energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

The XATS800CD7 is user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a clear display panel. Operators can easily monitor and adjust compressor settings, while essential information such as pressure readings and maintenance reminders facilitate convenient operation and effective maintenance.

In summary, the Atlas Copco XATS800CD7 standard air compressor is a reliable and efficient solution for generating compressed air. Its impressive capacity, durable construction, and advanced features make it suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications that require a consistent and high-volume supply of compressed air at 10.3 bar.

Cooling System Water
Number of Cylinders6
Capacity of Oil Sump (approx.)52 liters
Capacity of Fuel Tank293 + 100 liters
Speed-maximum Loaded2,000 rpm
Horsepower186 kW
Normal Effective Working Pressure4 bar
Maximum Unloading Working Pressure12 bar
Actual Free Air Delivery365 l/s 10 m3/min
Cooling System Air/Oil
Oil Capacity52 liters
Overall Length-Wheel Mounted5,055 mm
Overall Height-Wheel Mounted1,981 mm
Overall Width-Wheel Mounted2,083 mm
Weight Skid-Wheel Mounted3,261 kg
Weight Wet-Wheel Mounted3,401 kg
  • Air dryers

  • After Coolers

  • Hoes

  • JackHammers

  • Sand Blasting