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The CATERPILLAR CB2.5 Tandem Roller is the perfect solution for rental or hire purposes when it comes to compacting surfaces effectively and efficiently. With a weight capacity of 3 tons, this roller delivers impressive compaction results in a wide range of applications. Whether it’s road construction, landscaping, or groundwork, the CB2.5 offers outstanding performance. Its compact size and maneuverability make it easy to operate in tight spaces, ensuring smooth and even compaction. When you need a reliable and versatile tandem roller for your projects, the CATERPILLAR CB2.5 is the ideal choice.


  • 3 TONS


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The CATERPILLAR CB2.5 TANDEM Roller is a robust and high-performing compaction machine designed for a wide range of construction and paving applications. With a generous capacity of 3 tons, this roller is capable of efficiently compacting various materials with precision and effectiveness.

Featuring tandem smooth drums, the CB2.5 roller ensures uniform weight distribution and excellent compaction results. The smooth drums work seamlessly to compact soil, asphalt, and other materials, making it ideal for projects such as road construction, parking lots, and industrial sites.

The CB2.5 TANDEM Roller is equipped with advanced features to enhance productivity and performance. Operators have precise control over vibration frequency and amplitude, allowing for customizable compaction based on specific project requirements. The user-friendly controls and ergonomic design contribute to operator comfort and ease of use.

Built with durability in mind, the CB2.5 roller is constructed with sturdy components and a reliable frame. This ensures longevity and minimizes maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and increasing productivity on the job site. Additionally, safety features and excellent visibility support safe operation and efficiency.

In summary, the CATERPILLAR CB2.5 TANDEM Roller with its 3-ton capacity is a robust and versatile compaction machine. It offers precise compaction, advanced features, and durability, making it an excellent choice for various construction and paving projects, where efficient and reliable compaction is essential.

Weight2.52 t
Transport length2.52 m
Transport width1.1 m
Transport height2.7 m
Travel speed12 km/h
Roller width1 m
Rollers Ø0.72 m
Turning radius outside3.64 m
Statical line load11.85 kg/cm
Centrifugal force30 kN
Engine manuf.Caterpillar
Engine typeC1.7T
Engine power35.5 kW