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The CATERPILLAR CS533E Soil Vibrator Roller is a powerful and efficient compaction machine, perfect for rental or hire purposes. With an impressive 10-ton capacity, this roller delivers exceptional compaction results on a wide range of soil types. Its advanced vibrating technology ensures thorough and uniform compaction, making it ideal for road construction, building foundations, and other soil compaction projects. The CS533E’s durable construction and user-friendly design allow for easy operation and maintenance. When you need a reliable and high-performance soil vibrator roller for your projects, the CATERPILLAR CS533E is the ideal choice.


  • 10 TONS


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The CATERPILLAR CS533E SOIL VIBRATORY Roller is a powerful and reliable machine designed for soil compaction in various construction and road-building projects. With a substantial capacity of 10 tons, this roller is capable of efficiently compacting large areas with ease and precision.

Equipped with a soil vibratory system, the CS533E delivers high-frequency vibrations that effectively compact different soil types. This roller is ideal for compacting subgrades, embankments, and other soil surfaces to achieve desired density and stability. Its versatile performance makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including highway construction, site preparation, and land development.

The CS533E roller features a durable construction designed to withstand demanding work environments. Its robust frame and components ensure longevity, reliability, and reduced maintenance requirements, allowing for extended operation without interruptions. The roller is built to handle heavy-duty tasks and deliver consistent compaction results.

With user-friendly controls and advanced features, the CS533E roller offers precise and efficient operation. Operators can adjust vibration settings and travel speed to optimize compaction performance based on specific project requirements. The roller’s ergonomic design and excellent visibility contribute to operator comfort and safety during operation.

In summary, the CATERPILLAR CS533E SOIL VIBRATORY Roller with its 10-ton capacity is a powerful and dependable compaction machine. It combines high-frequency vibrations, durability, and advanced features to achieve efficient soil compaction in various construction projects. Whether it’s preparing a foundation or compacting soil for road construction, this roller is engineered to deliver excellent results, ensuring stability and longevity of the completed infrastructure.

Weight10.84 t
Transport length5.51 m
Transport width2.29 m
Transport height3.07 m
Travel speed12 km/h
Frequency31 Hz
Roller width2.134 m
Rollers Ø1.534 m
Amplitude1.8 mm
Turning radius outside5.81 m
Turning radius inside3.68 m
Statical line load27 kg/cm
Centrifugal force234 kN
Engine manuf.Caterpillar
Engine type3054C
Engine power97 kW