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Introducing the KATO CCH500 crawler crane, available for rental or hire, delivering impressive lifting power and versatility for your heavy lifting and construction needs. With a robust 50-ton lifting capacity, this crawler crane is designed to handle a wide range of lifting tasks with ease. Equipped with a FLY JIB / AUX. SHEAVE attachment, it offers added flexibility and reach for various lifting operations. The crawler design ensures stability and maneuverability on challenging terrains. Trust in KATO’s renowned reliability and advanced technology to deliver optimal performance and efficiency. Experience the strength and versatility of the KATO CCH500 crawler crane for your rental or hire requirements, ensuring exceptional lifting capabilities and productivity on your projects.

  • 50 TONS


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Introducing the KATO CCH500 Crawler Crane, a heavy-duty lifting solution designed to handle demanding construction and industrial projects. With an impressive 50-ton lifting capacity, this crane is equipped to tackle a wide range of lifting tasks with ease. Its robust crawler tracks enable it to traverse various terrains, ensuring stability and maneuverability on the job site.

The KATO CCH500 comes with a versatile FLY JIB and AUX. SHEAVE attachment, enhancing its lifting capabilities and extending its reach even further. This allows for increased flexibility when positioning heavy loads at varying heights and distances, making it a versatile choice for complex lifting operations.

Safety and precision are paramount with the KATO CCH500 Crawler Crane. It is equipped with advanced features and controls, ensuring smooth and accurate movements during lifting tasks. The operator’s cabin is designed for comfort and visibility, promoting ease of operation and reducing operator fatigue.

Whether it’s construction, infrastructure development, or any project requiring heavy lifting, the KATO CCH500 Crawler Crane with FLY JIB / AUX. SHEAVE attachment is the ultimate choice. Available for rental and hire purposes, it offers a reliable and efficient lifting solution to meet your specific project needs while ensuring safety and productivity throughout the operation.

Max. lifting capacity50t x 3.7m
Max. boom length 51m
Max. jib length15m
Total operating weight49.4t