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The MAEDA MC285CRM is a powerful and compact mini crane, designed for rental or hire purposes. With an impressive capacity of 2.85 tons, it is capable of handling various lifting tasks with ease. The crane features a robust 8.7-meter reach, providing excellent reach and versatility in confined spaces. Its compact size makes it ideal for navigating tight job sites, while its advanced technology ensures smooth and efficient operation. Whether it’s construction, maintenance, or industrial projects, the MAEDA MC285CRM is the perfect solution for lifting heavy loads with precision and reliability.

  • 2.85 TONS

  • 8.7 METERS


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The MAEDA MC285CRM mini crane is a compact and versatile lifting solution designed for smaller-scale projects. With a lifting capacity of 2.85 tons, this crane is ideal for handling lighter loads with precision and efficiency.

Featuring an 8.7-meter boom, the MC285CRM offers a respectable reach for its size. The boom allows operators to maneuver loads at varying heights and distances, making it suitable for applications such as indoor construction, maintenance work, and tight spaces where larger cranes may not be feasible.

Despite its compact size, the MC285CRM mini crane is built to deliver reliable performance. Its compact design enables easy transportation and setup, allowing for quick deployment on job sites. The crane’s hydraulic system ensures smooth and precise movements, enabling operators to handle loads with accuracy.

In summary, the MAEDA MC285CRM mini crane with its 2.85-ton lifting capacity and 8.7-meter boom is a versatile and efficient machine for smaller-scale lifting operations. Its compact size, maneuverability, and reliable performance make it a valuable asset for construction, maintenance, and specialized projects that require precision and flexibility.

max. carrying capacity2.82 t
at reach1.4 m
Carrying capacity0.15 t
at max. reach8.205 m
max. standard boom8.575 m
Min. standard boom2.535 m
max. hook height8.205 m
Load Torque39.48 kNm
Engine power6.57 kW
Travel speed1.98 km/h
Soil pressure0.54 kg/cm²